from 5 years old

It is the abandonment, the floating of the bodies in space, time seems suspended.

Faced with paper and its fragility, not without clashes, the dancers continue their journey by building poetic paths. The body becomes paper and the paper becomes a body, images appear carried away by the movement and open us to a sound and visual universe in constant transformation. A space where tensions, rustles, resistances, dynamics, vibrations circulate. An awakening on our senses and on the lookout for any movement.

This approach to dance takes the audience to let themselves be carried and to discover a universe. Images, paper sculptures, drums and live bass clarinet support and accompany a playful choreographic, poetic search. A thread is woven between the sensation given by the paper, the movement, the dance.

Unisons and divisions, complicity and choice, accidents and organization are complemented in a journey that introduces the contemporary aspect of dance. Screams of paper, vegetal dress, rise in power and slight tribal accent, tension increases ... Elegance at the rendezvous ... A beautiful awakening to our senses.