Founded in 2006 by Caroline Cornélis, the company’s goal is to bring contemporary dance to young audiences, through

an invested, engaged and poetical body language.

Starting from what is real, familiar and tangible, the audience is invited to travel through and into a universe of sensations. An ambitious project, developed through the contact with children and their universes, which requires and catalyzes a reinvention of form.

Touched and influenced by the world of children, Caroline Cornélis draws inspiration from this universe and is nourished by their vision of the world and their imaginary tracks, by their singular natures. And, evidently, spectator children, in turn, recognize themselves in what they see and perceive, and find the paths to discover this contemporary language and make it their own.

While her pieces stem from the specificities of working with young audiences, Caroline Cornélis also wishes to consider and take into account the adults who accompany them. Whether parents or teachers, it is essential that the adults also feel invested, touched, affected by what they see, as they have a fundamental role, a responsibility as «passeurs», «middle(wo)men», who invite the children to get involved in this common cultural heritage.

The company has just finished the creation of their sixth performance, and has been feeding on strong, long term artistic collaborations with a lighting designer, a musician/ composer, a plastic artist, and choreographic accomplices, as well as a philosopher for children, who helps with the exploration of this dialogue between the language of the body and the mind.

A precious circle that allows the company to keep the research evolving and reinventing itself.