Around our shows, it is possible to build, in complicity with the places, mediation activities. These can take different forms according to needs, desires. Here are a few examples, please come to us for more information.

  • Stage meeting

  • A “philosophical stage meeting” is offered after the show.
    Children are invited to formulate questions based on the perceptions and impressions they will have experienced during the show.

    Philosophy with children means putting our adult questions and answers in parentheses to put ourselves at the level of a child.
    By betting that children's questions deserve attention, the goal is not just to get them to say what they think but above all to think what they say!
    By bouncing their questions about the show, they can then gradually come to terms with their intelligence, and share it with others.

  • School workshops

  • Entering the dance through play. Going through together what was the source of inspiration for the show. In turn, the child becomes a dancer, composer and spectator. This is a journey that allows him to refine his gaze on what is / will be given to him to see, to hear, to feel during the show ...

  • Parent-child workshops

  • At the end of the performance, a workshop moment is offered to everyone to meet in a different way, to create a space where the child and the adult share the same experience. In movement, in complicity, an invitation to walk together through what was, for the dancers, a source of inspiration for the show.