A dancer, the earth, the water, the slip ... A space opens on a workshop, place of manufacture, place of reverie, place of all possible ... Why not try the meeting of the movement which combines strength and delicacy with that of the earth sometimes heavy, shiny, silky ? Playing with daring, the dancer allows herself, takes the risk of getting dirty, immersing himself in the material and makes the spectator an accomplice of this rebellious spirit.

Large splashes, small slides, flows of earth, stories are told, patterns appear, images come and go according to gestures tracing, dancing, draw curves, symmetries, writings ... The dancer accepts the game that the earth proposes and reinvents its own rules inviting the spectator to find and cross these landscapes invented in the moment.

In this game of the ephemeral and the metamorphosis, the images and the forms that one recognizes or those which are invented, imagined exist in the moment where they appear then in another instant can completely disappear and give place to a other landscape.

The full and the empty, to be born and to disappear. The dancer chooses what she keeps, what she abandons, what she transforms and thus builds her way of experiences and explorations that will be her breeding ground.

Prize of the Minister of Childhood at the Rencontres de Huy 2013.