The Nyash* company is...

18 years with the company, and an undiminished desire to pursue and intensify our ties with our audience, to nurture our artistic collaborations and reinvent new ones. …

* Nyash means a forward propulsion of the pelvis in a jumping, spiral movement.

The movement of the spiral gives us a particular rhythm, opening our eyes to the past while leading us forward.

The company was founded in 2006 by Caroline Cornélis with the aim of bringing contemporary dance to young audiences. The company's choreographic material draws on children's and young people's vision of the world, and their singular nature. This translates into a body that is committed, engaged and poetic, starting from the real, from concrete elements to sensitize our target audience to the language of the body, to the language of dance, which is still, for the most part, also theirs.  It's an ambitious project that involves reinventing forms in contact with children and their world. 

Over the course of our creations, we have forged strong, trust-based artistic relationships with various artists from the FWB (Wallonia-Brussels Federation).: 
       Frédéric Vannes (lighting designer and technical director), Anne Mortiaux (visual artist and set designer), Marielle Morales (choreographer and teacher), Claire Goldfarb (musician and composer), Miko Shimura (dancer and teacher). This complicity strengthens and enables us to delve deeper into the new challenges of creation and the company's project as a whole. 

Today, there's this desire to leave the " I " for the " we ", to dream of a future where we can enjoy the foundation gently put in place ! To build on the foundations we've patiently acquired to open up to a more societal consciousness. We're driven by a desire to expand, to open up, to taste freedom and daring.

Choreographic creation is the backbone of the company, and the starting point for many other projects. Like the work of mediation, conceived at the very start of creation as a vector for the encounter between our artistic vocabulary and our audience.

For the team, these encounters are an inalterable source of accurate reports, tones and ways of experiencing the reality of the target audience.