Caroline Cornélis enfant

Caroline Cornélis

is a Belgian choreographer and dancer. She has directed the Nyash company since 2006.

She is constantly questioning her environment and her peers. Caroline defines herself in these terms: a gatherer, a picker, a unifier.

For her, desire is the starting point for all movement. She loves being the bearer of that desire, of a shared joy, of dreams, of links.

Frederic Vannes enfant

Frédéric Vannes

is stage manager, lighting designer and technical director of the Nyash company.

He loves a challenge and finds it easy to embrace new experiences and experiments. Against all odds, he found himself on the set of Llum.

Like a chameleon, he blends in with the set, the better to listen, observe and mingle. 

Noa Hell enfant

Noa Hell

is in charge of administration, production and communications for the Nyash company.

An enthusiast of the performing arts, she is interested in all areas that revolve around movement. Her frenzy and taste for the otherworldly lead her to explore all kinds of things.

Naturally bubbly and full of energy, she loves experimenting with life's turbulence, taking on new challenges and meeting new people. 

Marielle Morales enfant

Marielle Morales

is a creator and facilitator of spaces conducive to learning, artistic expression and bodywork. 
She accompanies artists and companies in their creations and sees herself above all as a researcher, passionate about neuroplastic functioning, who has made movement and the body her inexhaustible tools.

Photo de Anne Mortiaux enfant

Anne Mortiaux

is a visual artist and set designer. Her practice is informed by an exploration of place/space/matter/history. In this way, she seeks to link the lived experience to the material and vice versa.

Her interest in children has led her to work in schools and for theatre for young audiences. Earth, clay and water are "her" favourite materials.

Invoking wastelands, marshes, puddles, streams, wastelands... rediscovering the child's gesture of taking, kneading, transforming, twisting and playing with matter...
Acting with what is present, with otherness, with what makes up the world... Ephemeral gestures that are constantly renewed in his "artistic" worksites, in situ plastic installations.

Image de Claire Goldfarb enfant

Claire Goldfarb

"Which of the two?
Cello and voice
I'm in love with the sounds that reveal us.

The question of place, emotional transformation and telling are at the heart of my research.

The philosophical paradox of the finite and the infinite. 
I play the game of the stage because it celebrates the sharing of the living, fragile moment.

I believe that the world needs to vibrate together. 
I love this celebration!